posting in transition

It has been brought to my attention that i have not blogged in a long time. I cant figure out if this is because i have done nothing but sit in a dark room for the past month (not likely) or because i am going in 40 directions and i haven’t focused on one thing long enough to sit down and write.

I will attempt an expose of my past months’ vices for all who were concerned.

Of course the big event was thanksgiving! This was my first year not going to Olympia for turkey day…in my life. At first i was rather apprehensive about such a travesty but as my friends and adopted family showered me with amazing invitations to join them, i got more excited. This was the first time that I got to choose what to do and where to go without feeling guilty. This was a new twist on the old bird day for me. So i made the best of it all and did it all. I hosted my surrogate parents Matt and Kathleen for a few days and spent a lovely afternoon with them and their inlaws and then i went and hung out with some dear friends who hosted all the orphans this year. It is really shocking how many people live so far from home. It is also profound how people make the best of it and create their own families. If you cant be with the ones you love, love the ones your with right? how appropriate. Needless to say, there was an abundance of love and pecan pie despite the nut allergies and i got my fill of yummy turkey. YUM!

On top of that i have been enjoying bad tv shows like Gossip Girl…my my my, that is a show to sink your pecan-pie and sugar coated teeth into.
I also finished a quilt that i need to take pictures of. it is really fun! maybe i will actually finish it.

I have wanted a pair of sassy cowboy boots for many years now but never got over to the cowboy-boot-store to buy a pair. well hot damn if i am not a lucky girl! I went to the woodburn outlet mall (note the vegas style xmas tree if you head down there…LORDY) and found a great shoe store! they had a pair of Clark boots that looked like cowboy boots with the festive embroidery and fun little handles to pull them up but they were clunky like my old doc martins from days long ago. i tell you it is the best of both worlds! and they were on sale of course.

Oh here is a picture! i LOVE THEM!my new boots

so that is all i have. i tried to rake leaves one day but ended up taking the dogs for a magical walk through the best dog park on earth and my dog TimmyTimmmmeee is officially the best dog ever. i want to put up a xmas tree and lights on my house but it is so nasty out and i am leaving in 3 weeks…um yes. i am also leaving the country in 3 weeks! humph. i want a tree. i am supposed to go to the coast this weekend but i think i am going to stay home and get a tree. why the hell not? it is supposed to snow tomorrow. maybe 2 inches! doesn’t that sound fun?


Let the Cooking Commence!

cookingclub-001.jpg Sami, showing us her mastery of the dough

This weekend was a bevy of food delights. Friday night my girls and I got together for the Queen Bee Cooking Club November event. Our theme this month was Pizza, which i then pushed out to the pizza,  tarts and galettes. It ended up being some incredible pizzas and one sweet galette.

Sadly i was in charge of taking pictures as well as showing people how to get around in my kitchen and the pictures leave a girl with more questions then answers…

example #1…


Are they happy? Are they concerned? Secretly i know they are happy because while one is pregnant and over morning sickness, and the very thought of food is appealing, the other spent the rest of the night with her hand in the bowl…both very very good qualities in my opinion.

The food was great, the company was even better and i wish i had gotten a picture of all of us at the end of the evening each wrapped in a blanket curled up on the couch talking about unmentionables.

 On Sunday, i was invited to attend a brunch for people who are involved with the development of the Portland Public Market. The very thought of this market produces small involuntary sounds from my throat. I cant image a better project! I want to quit my job and spend my hours figuring out how to produce the money to get it off the ground. If you are interested, please get involved! it is going to be so worth our time and efforts and the board members have enough passion to drive us all into foodies heaven.