God and faith and talking bears, oh my!

So i have to vent for a minute. I am so overwhelmed with something i cant put a name to, i have to write and say what the hell!

About 4 years ago i got a book for Christmas. My mom got it for me because she had heard it was a good book and “she thought the bear on the cover was really cute” This book of course has to be non-other then The Golden Compass. I read the trilogy with my mom and loved it! i thought it was beautifully written and had a unique twist on Christian religion without shoving it in your face. It played with the powers of good and evil, innocence lost and the fight for control over the afterlife. Did it reform my life? Did i read it and think OH MY GOD, I MUST GO AGAINST EVERYTHING I BELIEVE?…um no. i am not a robot.

I was raised catholic and although i am not a church-bound religious type,I had a great childhood and can appreciate it. I never felt brain-washed. I was never under the impression i would burn in hell for having an opinion or educating my brain with arguments for alternative beliefs, other world religions. It was considered an honor to be present for other religious rites, traditions and celebrations. One of my mom’s dearest friends is an atheist!

To this day, i gage right and wrong, i mean real right and wrong, based on the woman who raised me. She had a faith that would put most people to shame, and yet never once preached or poisoned the minds of those around her. She had no desire to do that. She had a profound respect for her own faith and more for the journey each of us takes to find our own faith. I struggled with it, i admit. I had my doubts. I broke her heart more then once i am sure, but she knew it wasn’t her place to push her beliefs on me. That would not teach me to have faith, it would force me to believe i was wrong if i didnt believe what she believed. Force-feeding people faith is like forcing a child to love parsnips. You can tell them they will grow blind or die if they doesnt eat them, and they may eat them out of fear ( i never did) but will be love them? will they respect or resent them? would you?

so back to my book, now a movie, and alas, now the focus of so much drama and relentless bashing, i am drawn to write! Written by an atheist, made into a movie without denomination, The Golden Compass has drawn attention from atheists, outraged by its lack of integrity for the original script, from the born again christians who feel violated by its lack of respect for GOD. i feel sad to defend those who have no faith in god but at least they are fighting for integrity. Why fight for god? cant he take care of himself? my mom never felt the need to fight for God. Maybe she fought for her right to believe in God but isnt that an internal struggle? Isnt that the foundation of faith? Isnt faith meant to be challenged and tried. Shouldnt a person discover their real faith personally, after fighting their own demons? does it make you a better person because you refuse to partake in something based on the verbal diarrhea dictated to you by a conservative blogger or a liberal atheist?

I say go see the damn move for the merits of the movie! enjoy it! if your faith in whatever you believe, is strong and your self-respect dictates it, you wont go home crumbling into a wilted ball of parsnips believing that your entire world is a lie. You will be stronger in your childlike delights to still enjoy talking bears and beautiful flying witches with magical powers and you will have passed yet another test of will.

Keep your opinions about how i will burn in hell to yourself because I dont buy it.  Or better yet, read it yourself and create your own opinion.

ok i will step off my soapbox now. i feel much better