One of the perks of working for local governemnt is that i get all of the holiest days off. Thank god for President’s Day! Of course celebrating 1 day for all of our wonderful leaders wasnt enough for me. I had to take 4 days off. And what does a girl do with 4 days to celebrate men in dark suits leading our country in and out of wars? She goes to Montana of course! I have to say, Montana is one of my favorite places on earth. There is something fun for everyone there, at least those who arent afraid of the out of doors. I highly recommend not wearing your $300 suede and feather trimmed boots but if you insist, can i watch? i loaded my dogs and 2 girlfriends in the car and away we went. 10 hours with a fussy pug isnt the most fun but he settled down eventually…didnt he? well after he poo’d in my back seat. Poor Megan!

Montana didnt disapoint. It never does . I got to go snowshoeing

snowshoes1.jpg girls.jpg

and played in snow up to my thighs. I now completely understand how people die in the stuff. That is a tough movement! I am still trying to remember how Pa got from the house to the barn to get the christmas presents when the snow went over the roof line. I think he also had snowshoes! and i also remember it was scary! I am pretty sure someone cried…besides me of course.


We also built a snowman which after looking at this picture, i have questions. Most importantly is, where is the lower bean lip? i think Edie is eating it. Mr Big was super sad to be sitting on his lalas in the snow. A big thank you to our host Greg who made sure we ate well and had a warm roof over our heads. If you have never been, you really need to venture out. it is worth that 4 hours of hell through eastern washington, trust me!


Cant WAIT for Spring!


 I have a lot of catching up to do here. I have done a few really fun things lately. I will start with the most recent and work my way backwards. This past weekend was great! Not only was the weather glorious but little things are popping up all over the place! Beside the excitement of spring slow waking, i have a lot of work to do! I did get some seeds started this weekend in the greenhouse. It was 130 degrees in there all shut up! i had my friend’s daughter in there with me and she immediately began to peel off the clothes. smart girl! it was hot!

i am trying to grow Quinoa this year. maybe if i baby it, it will grow for me! how fun would that be? I also moved some raspberries to prepare for my new Fig Tree! At the moment she is sitting in a pot covered in bubble wrap and a fleece blanket. not quite ready to sit in the ground yet.

Here is the garden as of 2/24/08. I only show these pictures because i want to have proof that my yard was this scary and overwhelming when i post pictures in July…sigh…warm weather will come right?

yard.jpg  yard2.jpg

my first official sewing project


So i enjoy sewing. I am not very good at it but after my sewing classes, i have successfully made an apron, a robe and a pair of jammies. They are actually pretty good and all of them have withstood the washing machine which i must admit, other articles have not. I am not the most patient person in the world and to create hems and seams and such that dont fray, was always something I thought unimportant. well guess what; they are. I learned the hard way that to have fabric not unravel at the seams is much more flattering then having the bum seam in a cute skirt split at a social event.
But i digress. the 3 items i mentioned above were all made under the caring eye of my teacher janet (fabric depot deva). My Yoga bag was something altogether new. I had to take the lessons i had learned and apply them with only Kerouac staring over my shoulder and that was daunting! but it worked! I had to reread the same step 10 times sometimes but i figured it out and the darn thing is an actual finished product. Needless to say i am both excited and a bit apprehensive because of course now i want to make something BIGGER and more exciting…of course. sheesh.