The Summer Cut

the winter cut

and the summer cut

he is happier then he looks, i swear


Gardening with the Girls

This weekend we had the most spectacular thunder and lightening storm I believe in Portland history! SO FUN! i sat on my friend James front porch and ohh’d and ahh’d more then i do at at fireworks show. It was best! Needless to say I didnt get a lot of gardening done on saturday or sunday. But i did get to go to Bend for a Michael Franti show and buy a new hat to protect my brain from the freezing cold! It’s May right?

Monday rolled around and i decided enough was enough. I had to get out there and do something! the weeds and leftover chicken coop supplies were taking over.


The pots of veggies i have on my patio are looking really great and the watercress is coming right along in my fountain.












So i went out to the garden and decided it was time to tackle the weeds and it wouldnt hurt the get a little help from the ladies. They were beside themselves with excitement. they raced from the Blueberries to the weeds to the kale back to the weeds,

more weeds..well you get the idea. they were so pleased with themselves.

 I left the coop door open so they could go back in if they needed water or felt unsafe.

Mr Big snuck into the garden and was completely traumatized when he saw the empty coop. His little curly-cue tail was all a droop.


 I then rerouted him to the veggie patch and you could see his body heave a sigh of relief.

 When the girls would take themselves out of bounds on a little walk-about, i would pat their bums with a bamboo stick and they would squawk and race away, mostly in the right direction. So far they havent charged into Kudra’s paws or Tim’s mouth. I learned that if i whistle for them while heading back to the coop and rustle the feed bag, they race over to me in a flurry of excitement. pretty easy ladies!







Gardening just got more fun if that is even possible. speaking of bums…

I may have to start a blog and have a chicken-bum-of-the-day picture

Mothers Day and More Chicken Bits, Of Course

Mother’s Day is always a challenge for me. Ironically I cant count on fingers and toes the number of them i missed while my own mother was alive but now that she isnt around, of course i recognize each year. I just learned that Mother’s Day celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. It was created by a woman who wanted to recognize the amazing amount of work her mother put forth and offer her a day of  rest. Ironically when Hallmark and FTD took it over as a money maker, she refused to celebrate or even acknowledge its existence. She had the right idea. The women who help raise the village, should be recognized for their incredible selflessness everyday. Plus a day to eat quiche and drink mimosas is good day to me.  As lucky as I am to be surrounded by amazing mothers, grandmothers and aunties, I am also surrounded by the beautiful little critters that make up all these women.  Here are 2 of my favorites :) seriously, could they be any cuter?

The weekend after Mother’s day I had Mieke stay with me. She is such a treat. She LOVES the chickens!
We had toast with jam and hot chocolate and then raced out to see the girls. I think the chickens love her too


Big Chicks and Baby Robins Too

Harriet Sweet Harriet. 4 days old verses 5 weeks old! She might even be growing into her head

This week was quite momentous in the bird world, well my bird world at least has doubled.First I got the coop finished, my eternal gratitude to GW, and I got the girls into their new home. Secondly, my robin family had their babies! They are so little and peepy. I walked by their nest and did a double take when i heard these tiny little noises and then looked up and saw the tell-tale open mouth bald head. 

and Papa (i have decided this is papa and not mama) spent all day stuffing worms into his mouth  and racing up to feed hungry mouths. I was planting tomatoes and decided to turn up piles of worms for him. I dont think he missed one.

It was also over the weekend that i realized the girls were ready to scoot outside. Each time i opened the top of their pen, they raced up to the edge and sat trying to balance..sometimes not very well

 And here is a little snip of the girls in their new home racing around after a worm…they LOVE their new space. Although Penelope waits for all the others to climb down the ladder and then she leaps off the edge on top of the softest most readily available pillow…generally this is Harriet. I need to get that on video.






At long last, we did it! we build we nailed we hammered and swore and dug and wrapped and painted and now, the girls have their own official home. I could not be more pleased with the results! I am still looking for the perfect tin sign but all in good time right?



So the girls spent their first night outside last night and i was rather nervous. I was really nervous! After i was informed that I might find them in a frozen pile of dead chick this morning, I woke up every hour to check the outside temp and forced myself not to go outside every minute.  Of course they were fine and I hope they slept better then i did.  This mother hen bit is exhausting!

The girls now have so much room to run around, they are totally overstimulated. They race from one end to the other and back and dig up worms and peck at invisible things. Unexhausted curiousity. Lets hope the old adage about cats and curiousity doesnt leech over to the fowl division. Speaking of which, I have 2 cats who have been, up to this point, incredibly disciplined and well behaved about the chickies…until now. Now they feel, the girls are outside, game on. They sit outside the coop for hours and stare at the girls. The girls dont seem to be worried, or they are so overstimulated as i mentioned above, that they are in a sort of trance.  TIme will tell.

Mr Big still wants to be a chick. i brought him in the coop to hang out with the girls and they pecked at his toes…he didnt like that much but he was so excited to be close to them, he didnt move.


Let the Sun Shine In!

 I have lived in the green bean for 4.5 years now and i have loved pretty much everything about my little house except for one thing, my bedroom. I am a slut for sunlight and i need windows and sunlight and perhaps a pretty view. My bedroom was cozy, basically becuase it had one window that faced out to a covered patio…it made me feel like i lived in a trailer and was looking out at my trailer awning. I hated it. I even moved my bed so i didnt have to look up at the awning when i woke up. It was cozy because i kept my curtains drawn.

That being said, I decided to do something about it instead of yabber about it another year. I had a huge hole punched out of my wall and had a lovely window installed. It looks right out to the garden! This is how i discovered that i had a Robin living outside my window, MY NEW WINDOW.

Now my room looks so much bigger and when the sun is streaming in and the breeze is blowing my curtains about, i feel like i am in a Jane Austin book., complete with cozy kitty.



The Coop is a Coop Part IV

 part 3? part 4? it is all a blur at the moment but the bottom line is this: the coop is a coop and closer then ever before to becoming home for my 4 little girls…trouble making fussy girls! This view is what people will see when they come into the garden. See the new door is in and the wire is being added to the walls. It just looks like it has always been there! and when we clean up all our scrap, it will be quite lovely i think. What color to paint the door? hmmmmm

here are some pictures of the progress.

 This will be the hinged door to the loft for egg collection. The 2×4 sticking out of the top will hold their watering container and i need to find some sort of mast-head for the end…any ideas?

GW is cutting out the door so the girls can come in and out of their house. We are going to built them a nice big deck for lounging and eating and a ladder to the ground for bug and weed eating and general strutting about the yard. The girls will want  to keep their figures between egg laying sessions as you should know.

 Voila! Door! I still need to shingle the lower part of the coop and find a nice plaque for their entry way. Such lucky girls! sheesh!

 And of course no chicken page is good without some girl updates! Have i mentioned that they are getting rather large? well they are!

HERE ARE THE LADIES! They are 1 month old today Happy Birthday

I think Harriet might have entered her awkward phase but i know she will grow into a gorgeous hen. Jenni thinks so too.

  This is Gladys, she is the bravest and the smallest. This was taken right before she leaped out of the pen and landed on the cold hard floor…she was not pleased.
 Penelope, Jenni and Harriet trying to figure out where the heck Gladys is hiding (hint she is wedged between the wall and the back of the pen girls)
 She’s Back! Penelope, Jenni and Gladys…Gladys is plotting her next escape. You can see it in her eye

 Four Little Birds Beside My Door Step Singing Sweet Songs of Melodies Pure and True (they like Bob too)
((note Harriet’s festive party-in-back hairstyle))

Shhhhhh, Harriet is trying to nap. This is how the girls sleep each night now, up on their roost.

 Show us your gorgeous feathers my dear. She has green feet! I am a little bit jealous!