Dinner with Friends

Last night i had a couple of friends over for dinner. I knew everyone was feeling the pinch (literally) from lots of bbqs and potato salad this summer soi wanted to make something really good, using things i could from the garden and something healthy too.

The best part was when Shell brought over a huge bag of treats from her garden! I have Bok Choi, a squash, 2 huge onions, piles of fresh herbs, elephant garlic and purple garlic and a bag of  lettuces. to that i added my grape tomatoes, lemon cukes and basil.

All of this made me think of those great services offered from local farms: pay a bit of money each month and get a pile of fresh produce. It makes cooking so much more fun when you are given the ingredients and then you have to make something with them! kind of like a Slow Food Iron Chef. Made me think i should start cooking like that to keep it new and interesting. Maybe i need to get in with some other gardeners and we can trade produce with each other.

OK back to my meal. This is what i made…so simple and painless and they LOVED it

Chicken breasts enough to feed the people who are eating (you are the best to decided this)
Your favorite olives chopped
Your Favorite Feta crumbled
Grape Tomatoes sliced
Bunch of fresh Basil chopped

I like to pound the chicken breasts so they are super thing and tender and cook them your favorite way. I did them in a skillet with a drizzle of oil

Then in a seperate bowl i mixed the crumbled feta, chopped basil, sliced tomatoes and olives and drizzled it with olive oil and cracked pepper.

after the chicken is done, dump the bowl of goodies over the top and serve. YUM!
We had this with a huge salad from the garden delights and a couple of bottles of wine.


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