Raindrops on Roses and Warm Woolen Mittens

I got into work early this morning…like 25 minutes early! This is monumental for me considering I balance that scale out by arriving 25 minutes late most other mornings. I waltzed into the office waiting to see my boss’s eyeballs fall out and he isnt even here! and now it is my usual arrival time and he still isnt here…in fact no one is here. hmmm am i supposed to be somewhere for a meeting? damnit!

well since no one is here and it relatively quiet, i am going to write about a blog entery i read from my friend Sami this morning. She is a fabulous writer by the way and well worth a second cup of coffee in the morning.

She wrote about what makes her happy. Seriously how often does one sit down and write out a list of things that makes one happy?? Of course i immediately start singing the song from the Sounds of Music and have visions of that HUGE mushy bed Maria gets to sleep in and the big storm outside and all the big and little critters nestled under her covers while she sings of her favorite things…yeah, you know what i am talking about. how could i not do it too. What i think would be most fun is to do this once a year and see how many things change. i could make a whole list solely based on food too

  • my garden humming with fat bumble bees
  • Gladys jumping straight up to eat blueberries from my hand
  • going to bed on friday night and not setting the alarm
  • buying gossip magazines for a day by the pool
  • mr big snoring
  • the perfect bite
  • getting a free copy of the paper on my doorstep (especially on a sunday morning)
  • coffee with cream
  • a letter in the mail
  • gatherings with good friends
  • paying my bills and having money left over for a treat
  • a good haircut
  • planning a trip
  • live music
  • a clean house
  • planning how to spend my tax returns
  • catalogs
  • fall mornings
  • campfires

OK this list could go on and on and on! GEEZE Sami, how do you know when to stop???

I am signing out before i get caught up in a day of favorite things. oh, and it is now 9am and still no boss…you would think it was his birthday or something :)


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