Falling Down

Friday night my girl friends and i got to check out a new restaurant and celebrate a birthday! The place was called 50 plates. It was perfectly pearl district in style but as we drank our champagne, we ate southern  sliders with pulled pork or fried chicken served in a waffle bun with syrup. the best part was that our bill included 4 spatulas with frosting on them, just enough for a lick. Kaatje thought that was disgusting so i ate hers too. The staff was pretty lame and slow but they make their own sparkle water!! We got like 4 bottles of it through dinner and it was free…seriously that is worth the trip alone…that and the chocolate spatula.








On the flip side, i took Mieke to the zoo this weekend! I have a love/hate relationship with the zoo but when you have a little one with you, the love part is so much more predominate.

We got to see the baby elephant!

He is sooooo tiny and sweet and fuzzy. He is also quite attached to him mama now (thank god!) and it was so worth the hour long wait in line to see him. The weather was gorgeous, the animals were funny and the company was charming as always.



Needle Felting

I have been feeling under the weather this week so i took today off. I spent the morning watching bad tv and needle felting some hats i recently made. I am still not sure what i think of them but i think it is a fun start!

Then I found some random pieces to see how they would felt

And finally i found some old fleece hats and scarves to try out felting. Fleece felts beautifully!

Turning 3

Evan turned 3 this weekend! it seems like he as born yesterday (HA! not an insult on his intelligence) But he is so fun to watch grow up.

  kaatje made they great cupcakes

 We had a Pinata and Big Sister gave it a good Whack!

 All the cousins got lots of booty

I got Evan an igloo which turned out to be a HUGE success. You seen the pictures of people stuffed into telephone booths and volkswagon bugs, well 6 cousins fit very well in an igloo…all elbows and knees OUCH

Staying Dry

Yesterday was the last day of Summer! I still cant believe that. But it was overly appropriate that it poured rain, I knit 2 hats, i made tomato soup from the last of my crop and watched Westerns; 3:10 to Yuma is great by the way! I have a new crush on Russell Crow which has taken me completely by surprise but he is no Viggo.

Besides all that, the ladies have decided to make themselves at home. When the rain started they knew where to get warmed up…If only they would wear diapers, i just steamed cleaned my floors! 

they also found the dog food  
Mr Big didnt growl or get snarky at all but he was a bit confused…


Sing With Me; Feels Like the First Time…Again

A couple of weeks ago my cousin Joanne and her husband Alain flew out from Montreal for a visit. They had never been to Oregon and maybe once or twice to the Northwest. I could not wait to show them what they had been missing!

it isnt very often, I discovered, that one gets to take 10 days off work and stay home to play tourist. I didnt have to pack, get a house-sitter, deal with security at the airport or manage jet lag. I did get to visit all the places locals never bother to revisit just because…well why would you? I HAD A BLAST!

So 9 days of fun. I started them out in the city and bless their little canadian hearts, they brought fantastic weather with them! We went through the city and up to the Rose Garden, then ventured over to the Japanese Garden. I forget how gorgeous the gardens are. When i moved here in 1992, you could see the cityscape from the rose gardens. Now i know i have been here for a loonnnggg time because the view is gone,the trees are all blocking it out. I kind of like that i was here when the view was and now it is a like a hidden secret.

i want this in my back yard

Anyway the following day i took them out to the gorge. We hiked every single waterfall and traipsed down every moss laden trail to view more waterfalls. it was so gorgeous. I forget how fun the gorge can be and how fun it is to stop at each fall with the same people doing the same thing.

We are like this pack of turtles bouncing from one fun thing to the next. it was also great to have the same people take out pictures and vice-versa. We stopped at the Bonneville damn to watch the salmon climb the ladders (they are HUGE) and then stopped at the fish hatchery to see the 10 foot Sturgeon. I have to say that was all very cool and something i had never done before. We drove all the way out to Hood River, ate 20 lb hamburgers with bacon AND cheese and the 6 glass sampler at Full Sail Brewery. We also picked up a case of beer for the BBQ and then drove up to Mt Hood to visit Timberline Lodge. On the way we stopped at a couple of wineries and grabbed some wine. And might i just add at this point thank god because the staff at Timberline really really suck! We got to stay in a bunk room that sleeps 6 (we were only 3) and swam in the pool and hiked the trails. it is hard to believe at that point you are 3 miles from the top…3 looonnnggggg miles.

It was just gorgeous up there. We didnt even have to eat because of the 20 lbs burgers. Which, again is good because i swear the staff are so stoned they dont even know there are guests milling around scavenging for ground squirrels and nut nourishment.

The following day we headed home and prepared for my annual Green Bean BBQ. it was so much fun. It still amazes me to see all of my friends with their little minis. (children not skirts, my friends aren’t floozies unless they want to be and they dont. We had chickens running away from screaming children, dogs eating whatever they could find and everyone eating great food. I even got my annual drunk person entertainment. There always has to be one right? AMEN!

The following day, i turned 35 DAMN! and headed to the beach with my cousins and my surrogates and all the dogs. Again the weather was incredible at 85. we celebrated with a fantastic meal and lots of walks on the beach.

It was the perfect way to roll into the next age-checkbox on every form I see…i am now associated with the 35-44 box WTF? ironically that same day i swear i found a liver spot on my cheek and my pinky toe on my right foot went numb …oh and i cant sleep on the floor anymore because no matter how much yoga i do, i just cant get up in the morning. (come to find out i just stepped on a jelly fish so my toe hasn’t fallen off yet from old age). On our way home we stopped at Munson Falls just because i had never even noticed the sign before and Stacey had heard it was really cool…it was.

We got home, celebrated at my FAVORITE restaurant in the whole world Andina’s and the following day i whisked them off to the airport and laid on the couch for 2 days…i swear i didnt move.

So i highly recommend staying home and playing tourist. It is just so much fun and if you are lucky enough to have people with you who have never been here, you get to see things for the first time all over again.

Sauce and Pasta and a Double Yoke Disovery

Last night i decided to use my lone eggplant with some of my tomato sauce and paste and make Eggplant Parmesan. YUM! It was so simple and the fresh produce from the garden made everything taste even better.

I discovered something too. I was preparing the  batter for the eggplant and cracked one of Penelope’s MASSIVE eggs into the bowl. These eggs are a little scary they are so big and i now understand why she makes such a fuss in the morning after she lays one! They are oddly shaped and about the size of those plastic eggs you fill at Easter. Come to find out, hers are filled with double yokes! Twice the fun for such effort. I could not be more proud. Apparently they are well fed. Go Pen! I think that is why my Eggplant Parm was that much better.

While I was baking the Parm, i tossed a bag of cooked pasta outside that had been left over from a salad i never made. It had lentils and wholewheat pasta and Quinoa in it so i was pretty happy with the girls eating it. i went back out to see how it was all going and discovered everyone enjoying the pasta medley.