Mr Big Pants


My sweet old pug has been sick now for a couple of weeks. i thought he was slowing down but he got REALLY sick this weekend! it has been a complete challenge keeping up with him these past few days and i am exhausted!  he is on antibiotics now and eating again

I just dont know what i would do without this little critter snorting and tooting and snuggling, sometimes all at the same time.


Pitchfork in my CHEESE!

Last night i attended a PLATE AND PITCHFORK event at CLARKLEWIS. The theme was cheese and we had Steve Jones from STEVE’S CHEESE with us.

The menu was really wonderful and although i sat next to a woman who was terrified that she would not get enough to eat when they served us family style, i had a fantastic time.

Here is the menu from last night. My favorites of the evening were the Pork Shoulder and the Almond Frangipane.  Oh well, the pasta was insanely good too. They cut it thick and wide. I need to make more Pasta :) I also loved the idea of putting red Quinoa in the salad.

Stay tuned for the Plate and Pitchfork summer schedule where you get to eat on farms!


More Reasons to Grow

I stayed home yesterday with my nasty cold..again. At 5  I pulled myself off the couch for an hour to meet with Scott. He is a living garden landscaper who i hoped would reveal the secrets of my garden to me. Although that didnt happen, he gave me some good suggestions all of which i knew but didnt want to believe. Sometimes you just need to hear it out of a stranger’s mouth. So the butterfly bush is out to make room for my Fig Tree and the raspberries are moving for a mega composting pile extravaganza. I am excited about this! He also designed a 40 foot garden box to edge my patio. This box will be in the most direct sun, double as seating for my friends and give me lots of fresh veggies.

After Scott left, i got more and more nervous about all the changes he suggested. At one point i was ready to scrap the whole thing and just continue on as i had planned. Then i opened this beautiful website called CULINATE. i read one of her articles about farmer’s market veggies and came across this;

Nutrients dissipate quickly. Broccoli loses 34 percent of its vitamin C in just two days. Asparagus making the refrigerated trek from California to New York arrives with only about one-third of its initial vitamin C.

Growers who sell to supermarkets can’t do anything about the nutrients, but some do try to combat moisture loss: they wax the produce. Waxes on cucumbers, peppers, rutabagas, melons, citrus, apples, and other fruits and vegetables keep moisture in and give the produce a shiny appearance.

According to Bryan Jay Bashin, writing in the magazine Harrowsmith, the wax is sometimes mixed with fungicides and sprouting inhibitors before it’s applied. The only ways to get rid of it are to scrub your vegetables with detergent or to peel them, which eliminates more nutrients.

I knew that wax wasnt the best thing to eat and i dont scrub it off with detergent or peal them but i had no idea that the nutrients disappeared so quickly. it made me much more motivated to get my garden box built so i could pull my veggies out of the earth and eat them that day. 

I also watched this beautiful interview with ALICE WATERS and good god do i want her garden…and her egg cooking fireplace!  I love all these places to find inspiration.

So Onward! i am ready to conquer the yard this year. My sprouts are starting to look like real things now too.

New Buds and The First Garden

i am still feeling tired but i had to get the peas and beans into the ground today. I am already 3 days behind! i also caught a few shots of the garden.

daphneMy Daphne is in full bloom. I plucked a few blossoms and put htem next to my bed. I think their intoxicating scent finds its way into my dreams that way. It is also the first thing i smell when i wake up in the morning.mmmmm.

My first seeds have popped up! So far i have beets, fennel and melons!

beets fennel


OH i almost forgot! a few months ago i signed a petition to convince the new president to take their rediculously large useless lawn and turn it into something worthwhile, a kitchen garden! well ground was broken on the garden on the first day of spring. I am so excited about this. I think that no matter what you think about who is in the white house, it just makes sense to lead by example and this is simplicity at its finest. I hope the garden grows big and bountiful and inspires people to start their own kitchen gardens. I think that with everything going on in the world right now, this was a nice fresh air sigh.



Spring Fever?


Happy first day of Spring! the weather maybe be gray and rainy and cold but there are so many things popping out of the ground and in the trees, i know it has arrived.

I am celebrating my first day of sping by getting my first nasty cold of the year…at least i hope it is a cold.  I will still be cuddled up under the blankets with my cup of hot tea for at least another day. I hope you get to do something more fun!

i did go out to the green house this morning and i have some fennel, onion, melon and 1 leek popped out of the ground. this is something!