Welcoming Summer

strawberry tart 

For the first official day of Summer, i bought a flat of fresh Spooner Farm strawberries and made the most amazing tart, thanks to Julia Childs.

the custard took 8 egg yolks and had a good dousing of Grand Marnier. the crust has just enough sugar to be crisp and the strawberries were brushed with marmalade and more hooch. YUMMMIE!


For the Love of all Things Asparagus


Last weekend my friend Megan and I co-hosted a little gathering of friends to celebrate Asparagus! All we asked from the invitees was to create a dish made with the key ingredient. Ohhhh we were blessed! We had it in quiche, puffed pastry, wrapped in filo with brie, in amazing salads and pastas. The company was wonderful and we sat out in the garden  late into the evening with a fire, some dogs, some chickens, a banjo, a singing ax man and a little whitney houston.  It was perfect.

table fire

i made Asparagus pasta and it turned out really great!

here is the recipe if you are so inclined.

Asparagus Pasta

2 cups of Cake Flour (very important for light soft pasta)
1 cup of regular flour ( i used more)
zest of 1 lemon
Tbs fresh thyme
1 cup of blanched pureed asparagus (make sure it isnt over cooked to keep its beautiful color)
4 egg yolks.
pinch of salt

toss all of the above in a cuisinart. if the dough is sticky, add more flour.

dump on a surface and knead dough for about 5 minutes until smooth

wrap in plastic wrap and set on counter for an hour

use your pasta roller as instructed to make the pasta.
i let my pasta sheets sit for about 30 minutes to dry up a little before i made my noodles

this pasta was a little bit stickier because of the asparagus but it tasted AMAZING!

i just added a sauteed onion, chopped proscuitto, asparagus , white wine and vegi stalk to make a light sauce with parmesan of course.


It’s Like a Pinata For Chickens


A while ago someone told me to string up a cob of corn for the girls to keep them entertained for hours. I finally got some corn and gave it a shot. At first the girls were terrified of it, but now they clean the cob from top to bottom while they let it ricochet offeach other. Jenni doesnt like that part very much.



Kerouac enjoyed the show too