Welcome to the Jungle

it didnt seem that long ago that i was looking at my garden and it was small and cold and wet. poor thing. Now i look at it and i havet o push aside small jungles to get from point A to B. my tomatoes are coming, the cukes and zuchs are huge. i have a bumper crop of raspberries and strawberries and still eating blueberries. Things are pretty amazing. Here are a few pics







Bon Appetit!


A Chicken In Heat

My sweet Gladys has been sitting on her nest for well over a month now. Penelope comes in and lays her egg and Gladys dutifully sits on it. The sweet girl wants to be a mama so much but those eggs just arent going to hatch honey!

I was told i had 3 options

1) give her a fertilized egg to hatch and she will be a mama

2) give her a wooden egg and when she breaks her own heat she will hop off and move on with her life

3) dunk her in a bucket of ice water to force her to break the heat.

yes, i know…i chose option 3…

So this is sweet Gladys on her nest all puffed up to look big and scary (vrey protective of her egg). she has never pecked at me but she really wants me to go away.


So i scooped her out and plopped her into my pool. it was full of cold hose water. She was very unhappy for a minute while i held her down to make she got cold enough to break the heat. and then she wouldnt get out!


She loved it so much i went inside, grabbed my camera, made a phone call and she was still sitting there looking quite content


Finally i popped her out, just in case she got too cold.

then i went inside to change clothes and came back out…where do you imagine Gladys was?

yup….wet puffed up and happy on her damn nest.


So what’s next???

A Summer Wedding and all it Entails

This summer my dear friend Sami got married…2 days ago to be exact. It is always so special when someone you love marries someone you adore and respect and you are invited to participate in their lives as they prepare for the big event.

It has been ages since i posted on my blog but i am back and am dedicating this to Sami and her enormously amazing event.

In June, i had the honor of hosting a garden party in my back yard from Sami and her close girlfriends. With Stacey, Heather and Kaatje’s help we transformed the weed patch (my back yard) into a beautiful oasis of tea cakes, cucumber sandwiches and lots of champagne.

table food2

the bride


2 weeks later Sami and Kevin were married in their beautiful backyard. i have never weeped at a wedding but this one caught me in the right mood and i watched most of the ceremony through a curtain of tears and eyelashes.


Kaatje, Stacey and I got to decorate the cakes! Sami set us up in the basement which at first i thought was weird but as more and more people arrived and it got crazier upstairs i was so relieved to be hidden in our secret den. Sami is a smart cookie. We decorated 8 cheesecakes with flowers and blue glaze :) it was GREAT! 


so the night was spent dancing under the stars and twinkle lights laughing and celebrating with friends and family. What a HOOT!