Cereal Milk and French Cheeses in One Glorious Night

Last night Stacey and I decided to check out food trivia night at Pix.  Apparently the evening normally consists of really hard foodie type questions about food and food culture, like what does  MOF stand for in French? (i looked it up, it means Meilleur Ouvrier de France) But last night we took part in a food tasting trivia!

Once seated with our beverage, we were given 8 categories, 8 trays with 12 cups each of wonderful mystery and a score sheet. we had to identify what was in each cup and write it on our sheet in a span of about 10 minutes.  As we so thought beforehand, this may seem easy to you. But when you are given 12 Dixie cups of wine, and  must identify the grape beyond red and white the gloves are off…the winner got only 2 correct!  we gave up and just started to drink.

First round: the French Macaron.

  mangled macarons.

My very favorite dessert in the world and i had to (read HAD TO) eat 12 of them. With flavors like absinth and cassis violet, the game was on! Note; this is not something you want to do with someone you dont like. There was lots of licking going on here.

Second Round: Wines by grape varietal.

as i mentioned above, this just involved a lot of drinking.

Third Round: French Cheeses by name, region AND milk source!

I love cheese, it is my obsession and i can pick out some great cheeses but this was on another planet. As assistance, we were given a map of french regions and a list of cheeses. Snort! 12 cheeses were offered up and we devoured them, and then made up the names to fill in the boxes. When i saw the girls behind us give each other high fives, i knew it was time to sit back and eat up. How often do you get 12 french cheeses to taste. SO GOOD!

Fourth Round: NUTS

we seriously aced this one. We know our nuts whether they are ground, oiled or whole. Apparently we were not alone in this and although we got 11 out of 12 right, because someone knew what a hickory nut looked like, we lost. humph!

Fifth Round: Spices

Again kicked this one in the arse. Between stacey and I we barely had to look at them to know what they were. but we mixed our Mace up with our Nutmeg and sadly lost that round. We did know what Sumac and Fenegreek were so i think we won anyway.

Sixth Round: Pureed Fruits

this round was so pretty and tasty but HARD! of course everyone knows the kiwi and the pear but what is that mysterious dark bitter red one? and the tasteless watery one? Cassis and pomegranate of course! we lost this one but it was so pretty.

Seventh Round: Ice Creams and Sorbets

this one was just tough! and when we found out the names of the different flavors i was still dumbfounded. lets just say they were all rather subtle except for this horrid gray one that killed our taste buds which of course we started with. i blame the licorice flavored medicine they fed me for losing my taste at this point. Oh and the fact that we had 3 different vanillas and i had never heard of 2 of them!

Eighth Round: Nostalgic Candy

yes as a child i was a major sweet tooth. i could not get enough of the stuff and it showed. This was sadly the round we won and i have the cavities to prove it :) stacey was sure that she got a cavity right then and there.

Ninth Round: Cold Cereal Milk?!









whoops did i say 8 rounds? apparently the french arent good at the counting thing. Our final round consisted of 12 small cups of cold whole milk. mmmmm. Each cup had been saturated with a cereal and strained for our pleasure. This round took me back to my childhood, you know the generation where parents thought it was ok to feed their child a cereal called Cookie Crisp? so good.

so that was our evening. it was so much fun and worth the heartburn that ensued around 3 am. I cant wait until we do it again!! Next time are going to win all 8 i mean 9 catagories with our hand selected team of masters tasters.  or we will just go to eat all that cheese again.

thanks PIX!