A Perfect Meal

It has been ages since i have posted on my blog but i just had an experience that must be shared, besides in the sloshy messages  i left to loved ones.

My friend Jenna and I made plans to meet for dinner at Beaker and Flask. I made the reservations and sent the confirmation to Jenna with thoughts of a delicious meal and great company. I was tired at work today but looked forward to dinner and headed down and arrive EARLY by 7 minutes!! this in itself is impressive.

As I am brought to my table next to the open kitchen, i think, i hope jenna doesnt get lost, maybe i should call her. Beaker and Flask doesnt have a sign up yet!  i ordered a glass of wine and settled in, simultaneously watching the door, the kitchen and the other diners with a smile on my face.

As i watched amazing dishes leave the kitchen i caught the chef’s attention and told him that if he had any special niblets he could happily toss them over to me. And he did! Now i am not a huge fan of deviled eggs but i thought what the hell? this had to be a special egg right? ohh yeah. Smoked trout deviled egg with orange  zest. WOW it was awesome! and i thoughtfully saved half for Jenna.

then it slowly…sllooowwwwlllyyyy dawned on me that i had the wrong day!! i was a week early! so i popped the other half of the deviled egg into my mouth and decided to hell with it!! i  love beaker and flask, the staff are so marvelous and attentive and i thought, how often do we really eat alone in public? and eat at a really lovely place? i decided to make my reservations for the following week and order dinner. i ate slowly, sipping my pinot blanc and savoring each bite while watching the crowd and chefs instead of reading my book.

i had a butterhead lettuce with tarragon and buttermilk dressing salad and pork cheeks with sautéed peppers and marinated baby octopus. The cheeks were topped with spicy wild purple onion blossoms that were the crown jewel i couldnt stop smiling while i ate and all of the staff stopped by to check in with me. How kind!

Needless to say it was a really perfect meal and as i made my way home with a happy full belly and a bit of a wine buzz, i thought, that was a perfect meal. Not only because the food was delicious and local and fresh, but because the staff and dining space were impeccable.

Thank you Beaker and Flask!!! i will be back! next week! and i want the same table please!