60 and snowing? You bet!

This weekend I rounded up some willing participants to make snowglobes! About a month ago i saw these adorable “rustic” snowglobes for sale in a high end magazine for about $40. They were snowmen in a mason jar…i thought, I can do that!  So for the past 5 weeks, i have been collecting jars of all shapes and sizes, testing different glues and levels of glycerin/water ratios.

On Sunday we made all sorts of fun things out of clay for our own globes. I think they turned out GREAT!! Nice work.

 it seems to me that some are more smitten with each other, then the craft at hand


In Deep

My absolute favorite season of the year is upon us and i am in deep. I started another Advent calendar this year for the Hanson Family. I just love making these and they are all sooooo different and goofy. but i love them all.

Ruby is sure that there is room in each pocket for 2 treats per day. and today is day 1! i guess that doesnt make it an official “advent” calendar but you get the point.

For Thanksgiving, i got to celebrate with the Eussen clan. i have really enjoyed meeting another Eussen uncle and his four beautiful daughters and fantastic wife! they are so much fun. We had a perfect meal and i got to make dessert…it was rich but really fun to make. It also contains 6 sticks of butter…YIKES!

I made the sweet little acorns, leaves and pumpkins out of marzipan and then dusted them with edible glitter. i will be doing that again. they are so pretty. and easy to make.

sigh, so now i am cleaning up the piles of felt bits i have left around the house and getting ready to unpack the christmas boxes. YIPPEEE!!! now all i need is snow please. 

Sam does not agree because his bits and pieces dont like being cold.