come and gone

The holidays are come and gone. Months of anticipation and delight, beautiful parties with friends and family and the festive decor everywhere, even at work! I went to the Nutcracker and Zoo Lights. I made an abundance of decadent treats and i think my Christmas cards arrived before Christmas day. phew

For Christmas, i hosted brunch at my house for about 20 people. I decided that it would be so lovely if i could make something special for the meal. Without batting a lash i pulled out Julia Child and decided to make croissants, all 14 pages of instruction, croissants.

the trouble began when i needed to triple the recipe. I started at 730 in the morning xmas eve. I knew the recipe would take about 12 hours. i had three bowls lined up with yeast rising. somewhere after the first rising which was to take place in about 3 hours, i was still waiting at 5 hours, 6 hours…so i thought OK lets take it out and see what we can do.All i had to do was flip the dough out and put it back in the bowl for about 2 hours….the next rising went perfectly..the dough was light and puffy. i thought YEA!

i rolled in the cold butter on a cold marble board and made my little croissants. then i was to wait 2 hours for the croissants to rise before baking…the croissants should have been baked and out of the oven by 10, in time for me to leave for midnight mass. At 1145pm that evening, instead of going to midnight mass, i went to bed with barely a rise.

the next morning i woke up and toasted in Christmas morning. I decided to bake them anyway and OK i would say about 2/3 of the batch turned out ok. the rest looked like little prawns.

I am going to try again with one batch and see how it goes! i will not give up!

other then that, the holiday was beautiful, i am once again overwhelmed with the love of my friends and family and very much look forward to 2011. What magic shall it bring?? we shall see!


Cheese for 2011

Last weekend i ventured up to Black Sheep Creamery to help with the annual sheep shearing. We arrived on the second day and only had to work with about 20 pregnant ewes and 6 rams. Last year i think we worked with about 65 so this time around was a piece of cake. Meg made her beautiful scones and tea for a mid day snack and after the rams were sheared, we enjoyed a cheese tasting as the snow began to fall.

i brought down 4 beautiful wheels of cheese for our local cheese shop, The Cheese Bar. I think the new St Helens cheese is the best yet, and that is saying alot!

First Craft of the Year!

2011 began with a day sledding on the mountain, a drink of champagne and a toast to the new year. it was perfect! the following day, i curled up by the fire in my favorite napping chair with a great book and between chapters, took a 3 hour nap. sigh…it was heaven.

After putting all the Christmas treasures away, i signed up for a applique class at  Modern Domestic. it was fantastic!!! the teacher Anna Joyce, was so lovely and helpful. She not only explained the techniques, but she also helped us with  design. the 3 hour class went by so quickly but i did manage to make my first pillow. I want to applique EVERYTHING! beware, you may also receive something appliqued!