Hot and Humid, Time to Sew in the Garden!

Every year I get this urge to drag my sewing machine outside when the weather is at its hottest. What the hell? who knows but it is one of my things…That being said, i did have a project to work on and NPR on the radio.

Last winter I took an applique class and made a pillow. I have a few other projects that i want to applique but in the meantime, I have two birthday gifts to create and the crafting spirit was in high gear.

Here are skirts i made this week. I LOVE THEM!

Oh and I made a couple of cute shirts too for my god-daughter and my niece.

FUN!! i’m hot!

Feel free to grab your sewing machine and joining me. I need to make a skirt with a pig on it for my birthday bbq/pig roast!


First Craft of the Year!

2011 began with a day sledding on the mountain, a drink of champagne and a toast to the new year. it was perfect! the following day, i curled up by the fire in my favorite napping chair with a great book and between chapters, took a 3 hour nap. sigh…it was heaven.

After putting all the Christmas treasures away, i signed up for a applique class at  Modern Domestic. it was fantastic!!! the teacher Anna Joyce, was so lovely and helpful. She not only explained the techniques, but she also helped us with  design. the 3 hour class went by so quickly but i did manage to make my first pillow. I want to applique EVERYTHING! beware, you may also receive something appliqued!