New Projects Again

homemade soaps


I am so glad that there was no  diagnosis for ADHD when i was a child. i am pretty sure my parents would have been forced to put me on some drug to “mellow” me out and make me concentrate better in school. Now i am an adult and still go 100 different directions at once but have done so happily, and relatively successfully, without  psychotropic residual from a drug induced childhood.

That being said; in between sewing some oddly shaped cushion covers for my newly inherited patio set (thank you dear Hansons) out of hand dyed shower curtains…long story,  I discovered this website(thank you dear Sami) this woman is amazing! She does it all and explains it with great pictures (see above) and to the point details as well. I am specifically interested in the Soap Making Page. I have done the thing where you buy the soap at a craft store and melt it and add colors and smells and maybe a bit of lavender stick it in a mold and voila! but i always felt like that was kind of lame and it never really smelled or felt right…it also turned into mush on the side of the sink. Now the real soap making business deals with toxic chemicals that can burn holes in your floor. Now  we’re talking! I also found this webpage regarding goat’s milk soaps. SO FUN!  I think this would be a great project to try outside in the open air, away from my floors and see if i have some grand christmas presents in the making :)

stay tuned…